Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pony Rides / Horse Rides

Pony Rides / Horse Rides

We provide pony ride activities for birthday parties, family days & corporate events in Malaysia KL Selangor. We have a promotion for pony rides and horse rides currently. There are very few pony rides & horse rides providers and we are only one of the few pony ride activity providers in Malaysia KL Selangor.

One pony is RM1800 inclusive of transport and set up with crew (2-3hr). The same price for horse rides. The difference is horse rides can be for kids as well as adults but pony rides is only for kids although for light adults the pony can still carry as per the pictures.

Big Horse for kids and adults

Friday, December 2, 2016

Yana Najib's Bridal shower

Yana Najib's Bridal Shower, Bangsar: Prime Minister's Daughter

Venue: The Cooking House, Bangsar
Theme: Yana Najib Bridal Shower, inspired by Ivanka Trump's Women At Work
Date: November 2014

This is not an indication of which political party we support, rather it's just business to us...
In the middle, Yana Najib (Prime Minister's Daughter), one her left is DS Shahrizat's Daughter and on her right is  her fiancee
Ivanka Trup inspired cupcakes theme

Ivanka Trup inspired cupcakes theme

Ivanka Trump inspired fancy cookies

Yana Najib (PM's daughter) admiring the Ivanka Ttrump themed dessert spread
Yana, Sharizat |Jalil's daughter on the left and ex-Asst Governor BNM's daughter in law on the right